DP Brandon Riply

It is always a major concern to the director with how much creative control he or she has. It really is a deal breaker to have the best quality project come out.  A lot of artists have great ideas and messages in their songs but some times straight narratives can seem to be so linear and been there done that. Having given FULL creative control on this one, I ask “would it be more effective if we used props to symbolize her story instead of being so self explanatory?”  It was an out of the box attempt to capture the same feeling though symbolism.

On a personal note, it is ironic because this is where it all began. I remember the first second I knew that films would mean so much more to me. When I was a young cub, my loving grandmother and fellow film lover would always take me down the street to the local movie rental shop. She introduced me to all different kinds of wonderful and inspiring films we’d rent.  At a young age it was hard to understand why or how concepts provided an answer within movies. She ‘d encourage me to watch them over and over again until the message hit me. It was those moments that I cherished and those same moments that inspired me to take on movies as more than just a hobby and interest. She introduced me to her 8mm camera and projector. I was blown away and mesmerized by its aesthetics. Sadly after her and my grandfather passed away, the old projector was packed away and forgotten until I got a call from my aunt years later. Clearing out her garage, she stumbled upon an old box that said movies on it and had asked if I wanted it. I immediately rushed over and it turned out to be my grandmothers 8mm projectors. I set up the reel, turned on the switch and was overwhelmed with the reminiscent memory that filled my heart.

Getting that creative freedom from the client, I used something that started it all.  The projector symbolized hope and gave her a meaning to find the door that the key would open up. It was a motivational tool that symbolized an old memory which validates and defines why we are the way we are. My grandmother was a huge inspiration and also happens to be who is projected on the screen in the music video.