Putting aside larger budgeted projects, it is always a privilege to get the opportunity to work with dedicated and passionate musicians. Monster has more of a linear start to finish approach and as always, the story of a relationship throughout the song.  In other words, the client and I kept it simple. It was a long day but well executed. Our pro crew built the stage which included the over head fresnel theater lighting, 1k back light, fills and rim lights which surprisingly took two and a half hours, giving us more time to spare for a few more takes for camera. This was a very exciting project and i am happy to say I wasn’t overwhelmed and I thank my amazing crew for that.  Was very pleased with the Red Epic footage using Zeiss CP2s. Having a very short deadline, my only concern was the reds work flow. Coming from a FCP7 background to an Avid MC6 user, I needed every second to count toward the insane four day deadline for a rough cut. So I did some research  and found that Adobe Premier Pro 6 can edit the native red raw files with out transcoding or making DNxHD files for editing. I wouldn’t suggest editing native red 5k raw files unless your computer is fast, VERY FAST, at least 8 cors with 16 gigs ram. Anyways, premier wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Little to no crashes, you can change all your keyboard settings with a click of a button to whatever program you ever used, I did Avd MC6. Having a decent machine, it still did have some lag but it gave me a day head start for the client so it wasn’t so bad. However, I don’t like how the canvas and preview windows take up so much space. Even the timeline takes up a lot of unnecessary space you could be using to browse, edit clips, etc. but adobe has come a long way. I still will use avid for all my stuff but sometimes a little change can be VERY beneficial for the long run